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About LeafWing Center

LeafWing Center (formerly known as the California Institute of Behavior Analysis, Inc.) provides children with autism the chance to learn and become more independent. Our organization is recognized for aiding families and autistic children using the research based on Applied Behavior Analysis.

Autism Spectrum Disorder has historically had a profound impact on families. With the increased prevalence of autism in children, this profound impact has only spread to more and more families.

It is our goal to play a critical role in the lives of these families through our comprehensive and intensive interventions for children with autism. LeafWing Center’s programs for children on the autism spectrum address each area where our children are affected and experience difficulty, ranging from home to school.

“Our supervisor was wonderful…she walked us through everything…it was just wonderful to be able to communicate.”

April 2

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We’ve been helping individuals and families for over 20 years.

About Leafwing Center

LeafWing Center offers a collection of professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis providing concentrated interventions for children on the autism spectrum. Most of us are Board Certified Behavior Analysts and therapists, and all of us are committed to helping children and families.


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