What is Telehealth and Applied Behavior Analysis?

Now that we have to or should stay home, this is so practical. Virtually everything is accessible either online or via our devices; it only makes sense that ABA is as well. Telehealth is giving people an enhanced and easier means of consulting with their ABA providers, of getting support so that they can more effectively manage care for themselves or for loved ones, and of accessing vast amounts of information regarding the most relevant and important healthcare topics. It is about utilizing the incredible technology at our disposal to effectively deliver virtual ABA services.

Why Telehealth?

How about:

  • You can access the essential care you need regardless of location: Very often those in more rural or remote areas don’t necessarily have the ability to see a provider or specialist when needed. The advent of telehealth completely changes that dynamic. We expand our reach  to you and increase the array of services offered to those in distant locations.
  • The ability to save on otherwise mounting medical bills. Telemedicine has been shown to decrease the overall cost of healthcare. This is because it offers a way to diligently manage chronic conditions, cut down on office visits, and give patients less expensive access to specialists.
  • In some instances, you receive superior care through Telehealth services. Quality is never sacrificed. Particularly in the realm of behavioral health, studies have found that telehealth actually benefits patients, providing, in some cases, more satisfactory outcomes.
  • The convenience of receiving care right in your home. Reducing travel time and other common stressors related to patient care, Telehealth allows you to access some of the services and information you need all without having to leave your home.


Getting Started with Telehealth

LeafWing now offers Telehealth visits—you have the ability to have real time video chats to consult with your provider online.

The equipment needed:

  • A computer or device with built-in camera and microphone (e.g., smart phone, tablet). You can also purchase a separate webcam and microphone to connect to your computer.
  • An internet/Wi-Fi connection that allows you to stream video. (Your speed should be at least 15MBPS for uploads and 5 MBPS for downloads.)


Is it right for you?

  • Regardless of how “tech savvy” you may or may not be, LeafWing’s Telehealth service is super easy to use. If you’ve ever Skyped or Facetimed, you can use our telemedical platform.
  • We’ve had clients of all ages and technological abilities take advantage of Telehealth for virtual sessions to access critical health information.