About Leafwing Center’s

Parent Center

We know that parents are the primary caregivers of children with ASD but who takes care of the parents? LeafWing Center offers many ways to help and support you on this journey, including our Parent Center, LeafWing Counseling and our Learning Management System.

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About Leafwing Center’s

Parent Center

Parents, here you can learn and access materials to gain knowledge for you, your family, and your autistic child. Having a child with autism can be overwhelming. Most parents have a similar reaction when they first hear that their child is diagnosed with autism. Parents often find themselves in unfamiliar territory wondering what they should do or where they should turn. LeafWing Center is your solution equipped with education and answers.

As a parent, if you have any concerns or suspect something, we recommend you bring this to your pediatrician’s attention. Your medical professional should offer information and/or refer you to get the help you need. This is the first step.

At Leafwing Center, we have been through your experience and understand the discovery and realization process. When your child has been given a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, parents often report feelings of devastation. This is an understandable reaction. We are here to help you realize that this diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of a journey. There is hope, there are answers, and there are treatment solutions. In fact, there is a research supported treatment of autism. It is called Applied Behavior Analysis. It has documented success for many children with autism. Don’t get discouraged.

We suggest that you do the following when your child receives a diagnosis of autism:

  • Check with your medical insurance and your child’s primary care physician. Ask if your medical insurance covers treatment for children with autism. Visit our Insurance page for more information on how we can help work directly with your insurance provider.
  • Check with your medical insurance and your child’s primary care physician. Ask if your medical insurance covers treatment for children with autism.
  • Call an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting with the most immediate school in your area (your home school). Inquire if they have any programs for autistic children.
  • Check with your state to see if there is a department of developmental services, a department of rehabilitation, or a department of mental health and ask about any services they may provide or if they can point you in any direction for services.
  • Last, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with the local chapter of an autism support group. There are many and the parents in that group can help guide you through the process and provide much needed support.

Bookmark our site and come back to visit us regularly for new content or look for us on Facebook or Twitter. We also have video and postings of a variety of issues relevant to families of autistic children on our Facebook page.

Our goal is to help you stay informed and up-to-date and you will be able to share and network with other parents and professionals experiencing the same things as you.