What to do before and after telling your child with autism “No”

What to do before and after telling your child with autism ‘No’

What should happen before and after telling a child with autism ‘no’? Telling a child ‘no’ can be a difficult task for any parent or caregiver. The child may still be in the process of learning the concept of ‘no’. It’s possible that it hasn’t been enforced consistently in the past, resulting in a lack […]

How to teach your child with autism to wait

How to teach your child with autism to wait

Parents often ask how to teach their child with autism to wait, as waiting is a part of everyday life. Waiting in lines, for food, or at stop lights is natural. However, waiting can be difficult for the average child, who may feel like waiting equals not getting what they want. For a child with […]

Using Time Warnings To Help Students With Autism

How do time warnings help students with autism? Transitions occur for everyone throughout the day whether that is from one task to another one or from one environment to another. One of the most difficult parts of the day for a student with autism is transitioning. This can be difficult because students may be engaging […]

What ABA Therapists Do

First and foremost, ABA therapists have gained authorized credentials such as Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Assistant Behavior Analyst (ABA), as well as Behavior Technician after having expertise from standard instruction and sophisticated courses. All of these certifications provide ABA therapists with the ability to work with children with autism. These professionals have gone through […]

Foods to avoid with autism

Foods to avoid with autism

Children with autism have strong preferences when it comes to food. The tastes, smells, textures, and different colors of food can all be an obstacle to eating. This can cause children with autism to avoid certain foods or food groups altogether. This can lead to its own set of problems such as not getting enough […]

IS ABA therapy covered by my insurance

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA is considered an evidence-based best practice treatment by the US Surgeon General and by the American Psychological Association. A qualified and trained behavior analyst (BCBA) designs and directly oversees the program. They customize the ABA program to each learner’s skills, needs, interests, preferences, and family situation. The BCBA will start by doing a detailed […]

How has DSM-5 affected an autism diagnosis?

Many parents and individuals with autism were afraid that DSM-5 might bring major changes to their diagnosis in the sense of services and insurance coverage. The DSM -5 main purpose was to help categorize disorders into “classes” with the intent of grouping similar disorders to help clinicians and researchers when diagnosing individuals with autism. What […]

Visual Schedule

How to use Visuals to help Students with Autism

When students with autism are in a classroom setting, they often need visuals to help them navigate their daily tasks and learn appropriate behaviors for certain situations. Sometimes they need additional support than just words to complete tasks in a timely manner. A child with autism tends to struggle more with transitioning between tasks and/or […]

Motivational words

Choice Boards and “Wait” support for students with autism in the classroom

The benefits of Choice boards and ‘Wait’ support in the classroom may vary depending on the need of the student with autism. Different Choice boards may need to be developed based on the motor and communication skills of the student. As such, it can display the objects, pictures, icons, or words that would represent a […]

Teaching Action Labels to Children with Autism

Oftentimes as a parent with a child with autism, it can be difficult when your child is struggling to meet normal child growth and development milestones. One way to help children with autism in the development of words and understanding of the world around them is through action labels. Giving a child with autism a […]

What not to do with a child with autism

Discipline Tasks Interacting Eating Oftentimes it is suggested what to do with a child with autism. However, equally as important is what not to do. It is necessary to know and understand what not to do in order to be able to provide the best environment for a child with autism. ABA therapy programs are […]

Autism Feeding Issues

Meal times and feeding can be a hurdle in the life of a family with a child who has autism. There can be difficulties with eating due to different textures, smells, sounds, food allergies, aversions, or a lack of interest. However, there are many strategies to help children with autism overcome the hurdle and have […]