Motivational words

Choice Boards and “Wait” support for students with autism in the classroom

The benefits of Choice boards and ‘Wait’ support in the classroom may vary depending on the need of the student with autism. Different Choice boards may need to be developed based on the motor and communication skills of the student. As such, it can display the objects, pictures, icons, or words that would represent a […]

Teaching Action Labels to Children with Autism

Oftentimes as a parent with a child with autism, it can be difficult when your child is struggling to meet normal child growth and development milestones. One way to help children with autism in the development of words and understanding of the world around them is through action labels. Giving a child with autism a […]

What not to do with a child with autism

Discipline Tasks Interacting Eating Oftentimes it is suggested what to do with a child with autism. However, equally as important is what not to do. It is necessary to know and understand what not to do in order to be able to provide the best environment for a child with autism. ABA therapy programs are […]

Autism Feeding Issues

Meal times and feeding can be a hurdle in the life of a family with a child who has autism. There can be difficulties with eating due to different textures, smells, sounds, food allergies, aversions, or a lack of interest. However, there are many strategies to help children with autism overcome the hurdle and have […]

Strategies to use for the park with your child with autism

There are some simple strategies to use when going to the park with your child with autism. Going to the park can turn into a nightmare quickly if the child with autism starts to feel overwhelmed or surprised. Many parents don’t take the necessary steps to help minimize the meltdowns of children with autism and […]

Strategies for autism in the classroom

Each student with autism is unique therefore each student will have unique needs in the classroom. However, there are many strategies and basic principles of effective instruction that can be implemented for students with autism within the classroom. Many of these strategies provide structure and teach a variety of skills across content areas of the […]

Assignment Notebook

Supporting students with autism in the classroom with an assignment notebook

One way of supporting students with autism in the classroom is with an assignment notebook. It will give them the feeling of inclusion especially if all the students have one. While some students with autism are ultra-organized, others need support to find materials, keep their locker and desk areas neat, and remember to bring their […]

Graphic organizers for students with autism

A graphic organizer is a visual support that provides a visual representation of facts and concepts within the organized framework. Graphic organizers arrange key terms to show their relationship to one another, providing abstract or implicit information in a concrete, visual manner. They are particularly useful with content area material that occurs in K – […]

How is Applied Behavior Analysis Different From Psychology?

The answer to this question is that while many people have historically viewed applied behavior analysis as a branch of psychology, the two disciplines take fundamentally different and antithetical perspectives to account for variability in human behavior. The main difference of Applied Behavior Analysis to Psychology In general, Behavior Analysis does not concern itself with […]

ABA Therapy Examples

The science of Behavior Analysis comprises three branches: Behaviorism, Experimental Analysis of Behavior, and of course, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with the last more focused on applying researched concepts to promote socially-significant behavior. From ABA comes the multitude of research-based therapies or interventions which include Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, Natural Environment Training, and […]

Traveling with your child with autism

Traveling with your child with autism anytime soon? Does it involve a long car ride? It’s time to start planning how to keep your child busy and how to make the long drive as enjoyable as it can be. Some children with autism may do really well on car rides as it provides them with […]

Grocery shopping with your child with autism

Grocery shopping with your child with autism can be quite stressful for parents. A grocery store is a place that can be a sensory overload for your child who is autistic; the bright lights pulsating overhead, low-grade music, people, kids, and carts milling around, water sprayers misting the vegetables, and the coupon dispensers with their […]