ABA Therapy for Autism

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientifically backed, highly individualized treatment method which can be effective in many ways, especially for individuals living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The ways in which ABA can be effective depend on several factors including but not limited to the individual needs of the learner, frequency of treatment, specific […]

Who needs ABA therapy?

There is a common misconception that the principles of ABA are specific to Autism – this is simply not the case. The principles and methods of ABA are scientifically proven and can be used in the treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities. The U.S. Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association consider ABA to be […]

What is ABA Therapy Used For?

ABA-based therapy can be used in a multitude of areas. Currently, these interventions are used primarily with individuals living with ASD; however, their applications can be used with individuals living with other pervasive developmental disorders as well as other disorders. For ASD, it can be used in effectively teaching specific skills that may not be […]

What to Expect from ABA Therapy

ABA programs are highly individualized to best suit the needs of the learner. The skills and behaviors targeted in any given ABA program will depend on many factors such as the age and diagnosis of the learner, specific challenging behaviors, skill strengths and deficits, and location of services (e.g. school or home). While no two […]

How Much Does ABA Therapy Cost?

ABA therapy can be quite expensive. This is because the administration of ABA therapy is intensive, highly individualized, and requires staff who has received specialized education and training. Additionally, ABA therapy requires rapidly changing materials and supplies. The good news is that most people won’t have to end up paying out-of-pocket for the full cost […]

What ABA Therapists Do

This depends on the clinical needs of an individual, but the work of an ABA therapist is quite dynamic. Typically, an ABA therapist’s job includes implementation of the Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), skill building lessons (these are commonly called “programs” in the field of ABA), and engaging in play with the learner. The BIP is […]

Is ABA Therapy Covered by Medicaid?

As of right now, all 50 states have mandates that require some level of insurance coverage for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Applied Behavior Analysis is considered an evidence-based therapy and is NOT considered “experimental.” With respect to Medi-Cal and Medicare, these insurance entities cover all medically necessary behavioral health treatment services for […]

Where to get ABA Therapy?

While this depends on geographic location, in most cases and particularly when an Autism diagnosis is involved, ABA therapy is provided through private organizations such as ABA agencies. In other cases, families may opt to work with private practitioners, school districts, or non-profit organizations to secure ABA services. At this time, most ABA services are […]

What Insurance Covers ABA Therapy?

As of right now, all 50 states have mandates that require some level of insurance coverage for the treatment of Autism. The U.S. Surgeon general and the American Psychological Association consider ABA to be an evidence based practice. Forty years of extensive literature have documented ABA therapy as an effective and successful practice to reduce […]

Where do ABA Therapists Work?

This depends on the needs of the learner, family preference, and the approach used by an ABA agency or individual provider. However, generally speaking, ABA therapists work in the places where services are needed. These typically include four different environments: home, school, clinic, and community. The home setting is one of the most common places […]

ABA Therapy Jobs

Although there may be various job titles or positions in an ABA company, needless to say the variety and number of these titles that grow exponentially once we consider all the companies that provide the services, at a minimum, a company will have two main jobs necessary to provide ABA-based services: a supervisor and a […]

ABA Therapy Examples

The science of Behavior Analysis is comprised of three branches: Behaviorism, Experimental Analysis of Behavior, and of course, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with the last more focused on applying researched concepts to promote socially-significant behavior.  From ABA comes the multitude of research-based therapies or interventions which include Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, Natural Environment […]