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Programs For Adolescents

Autism spectrum disorder continues from childhood into adulthood. Our treatment approach utilizes an Applied Behavior Analysis methodology to help adolescents most challenging years.

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Programs For Adolescents

Our services for teenagers are geared towards their unique needs and situations as they blossom into young adulthood.  This is a challenging yet rewarding time for parents as their child gains independence and a sense of identity, while still having unique needs.  LeafWing Center is your partner in navigating the adolescent years with your child and we have been utilizing the proven Applied Behavior Analysis method for 20 years with great success. 

Below are some of the changes that occur with adolescence and some of the necessary changes in an ABA program:

  • Some young adults experience increases in behavioral challenges that occur with adolescence
  • Classroom environments sometimes change from a single teacher to multiple teachers
  • How adolescents socialize is different from how children socialize
  • Parent training focuses more on teaching independence skills

Good adolescent programs are always individualized and are based on the changing needs of an adolescent with autism spectrum disorders. Our autism treatment programs are comprehensive, intensive and reflect what an adolescent needs. Using the information gathered during our assessment process, an individual treatment program is created for each individual and their learning is continually monitored to ensure that we adapt to their unique needs.