Using Assignment Notebooks To Help Individuals With Autism In Classrooms And Other Settings.

An effective organizational strategy for older students, higher functioning students, or students with Asperger Syndrome is an assignment notebook. All academic tasks and their due dates are listed in the notebook and the student will take it to school and home every school day. The most effective support would include a sample of what each assignment should look like, though lesser levels are certainly acceptable and can be effective depending on the particular student. The classroom teacher needs to monitor the notebook at school to make certain all information and expectations are included. At home, the parents or caregivers monitor the notebook to ensure the student has successfully completed all necessary assignments or activities to the level expected of them. These types of notebooks are pretty standard in schools, yet it’s imperative that it is used as we just discussed to help students on the ASD succeed.

As with most strategies for students on the spectrum, the specific skills will need to be taught or should already be in the student’s repertoire. In addition, motivation needs to be taken into consideration. The teacher or support staff may need to provide additional reinforcement when the naturally occurring contingencies (i.e., assignment completion) are not sufficient.

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