The DSM-V is now available from book selling outlets.

The DSM-V is now available from book selling outlets. As of today, we have yet to hear of any family with an individual with autism receiving any communication from a funding source or service provider receiving a letter or communication regarding how the new DSM-V will change things. Have you heard from someone? Please share […]

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How To Teach Children With Autism How To Play Independently.

Do you ever wonder how you make it through each day, getting your child dressed and to school?  What about shopping, laundry, house cleaning, and dinner? Somehow you do it, and that is enough for anyone to be proud of.  We want to provide you with some additional techniques that may help with the time […]

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Making Bedtime And Sleep An Easier Routine For Children With Autism and PDD.

Bedtime can be one of those nightly events which many parents love or hate, or both!  It means that peace and quiet is soon ahead, but it also can mean that a huge struggle is about to ensue.  Many children with autism have difficulties either transitioning to bed, falling asleep, or even staying asleep all […]

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What Constitutes Effective Intervention For Individuals With Autism, The National Research Council’s Report On Effective Treatments For Autism Still Stands True.

In 2001, National Research Council published findings effective treatments on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism from birth to age 8. The committee set out with the question “What are the characteristics of effective interventions in educational programs for young children with autism spectrum disorders?” The findings were published in a comprehensive book titled, “Educating […]

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Using Boundary Markers To Support Students With Autism in Classroom Settings.

Boundary settings are a type of environmental support for students with ASD. Basic boundary markers to accept and establish physical space for specific activities such as break time areas, and reading areas help students differentiate setting expectations, especially when one area is used for different activities (this is very common in classrooms around the world). […]

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When You Start An ABA program, What Should You Reasonably Expect From Your Service Provider?

The following are things that you should expect as a parent when you begin treatment for your child with Autism. You and your child have a right to a therapeutic environment.  This means that the teaching environment set up to help your child is one in which socially significant learning occurs.  As a client, your […]

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Some Components Of A Good ABA Program For Children With Autism.

An effective ABA program will be designed by a well qualified professional. Typically this qualified professional will have a certification stating that they have are a board certified behavior analyst, otherwise known as a BCBA. Having a BCBA certification means that this individual has meet the professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and […]

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How Do Attention And Learning Rates Play A Role In A Child’s ABA Program.

Children with autism can be easily distracted and may require a high level of assistance in order to attend.  Their attention span is typically shorter than that of their typically developing peers. When this is the case, an ABA program will begin teaching concepts by breaking them down into simple teachable steps in a distraction […]

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Motivating Children With Autism

Motivation is a challenging issue for all of us. Take for example the fact that a lot of us struggle to exercise or to get to the gym regularly, even though this would make a huge difference in our health or our quality of live.  In Behavior Analysis we sometimes discuss motivation by categorizing it […]

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Treating Children with Autism…Individualization

Here is one critical component to treating children with autism: All programs must be individualized. Autism is a spectrum disorder and that means that there are a lot of differences in the characteristics that each individual may have. Also, each child has their own unique biology and their own unique learning history. A good program […]

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“It was very interesting and a lot to learn…but it was also very exciting too to see him respond when he wouldn’t respond to us before.”

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