Some Current Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis….Explained For Parents.

In the first Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis article in 1968, Baer and colleagues described six dimensions, of behavior analysis in this article. To facilitate your understanding of this seminal article, we suggest that you substitute the word “characteristic” for the word “dimension”. We will do so for you in the following description. They six […]

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When You Start An ABA program, What Should You Reasonably Expect From Your Service Provider?

The following are things that you should expect as a parent when you begin treatment for your child with Autism. You and your child have a right to a therapeutic environment.  This means that the teaching environment set up to help your child is one in which socially significant learning occurs.  As a client, your […]

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Some Components Of A Good ABA Program For Children With Autism.

An effective ABA program will be designed by a well qualified professional. Typically this qualified professional will have a certification stating that they have are a board certified behavior analyst, otherwise known as a BCBA. Having a BCBA certification means that this individual has meet the professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and […]

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Why Do Some ABA programs Use Basic Language When Working With Children With Autism?

We know many children with autism have difficulty understanding language. The difficulties can be subtle. For example, a child may have difficulty understanding humor. Or they may be more pronounced. That is, a child may respond to little or no language that is spoken to him or her.  Taking this fact into account, most ABA […]

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How Do Attention And Learning Rates Play A Role In A Child’s ABA Program.

Children with autism can be easily distracted and may require a high level of assistance in order to attend.  Their attention span is typically shorter than that of their typically developing peers. When this is the case, an ABA program will begin teaching concepts by breaking them down into simple teachable steps in a distraction […]

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Motivating Children With Autism

Motivation is a challenging issue for all of us. Take for example the fact that a lot of us struggle to exercise or to get to the gym regularly, even though this would make a huge difference in our health or our quality of live.  In Behavior Analysis we sometimes discuss motivation by categorizing it […]

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What Kinds Of Behavior Are Behavior Analysts Interested In?

Behavior Analysts believe there are two types of behavior.  The first is voluntary behavior or what is known as Operant behavior. This is the kind of behavior that we are primarily concerned with when it comes to helping children with autism as it is the type of behavior that can be influenced or learned as […]

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“It was very interesting and a lot to learn…but it was also very exciting too to see him respond when he wouldn’t respond to us before.”

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