Using Assignment Notebooks To Help Individuals With Autism In Classrooms And Other Settings.

An effective organizational strategy for older students, higher functioning students, or students with Asperger Syndrome is an assignment notebook. All academic tasks and their due dates are listed in the notebook and the student will take it to school and home every school day. The most effective support would include a sample of what each […]

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Using Graphic Organizers To Help Individuals With Autism In Classrooms And Other Settings.

A Graphic organizer is a visual support that provides visual representation of facts and concepts within the organized framework. Graphic organizers arrange key terms to show their relationship to one another, providing abstract or implicit information in a concrete, visual manner. They are particularly useful with content area material that occurs in K-12 curriculum. Graphic […]

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Using Social Stories To Help Individuals With Autism In Classrooms And Other Settings.

Using Social Stories is a strategy that is likely not new to teachers. However, not all teachers know that they can be used to work with and teach individuals with autism specific skills surrounding social and behavioral needs. Social stories interventions enhance social skill acquisition for many students with autism. What are social stories and […]

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Using Time Warnings To Help Students With Autism.

Giving students warnings about time remaining in an activity can provide a helpful frame of reference. Time limit warnings should be paired with an auditory or visual cue, such as a bell or card. Towards the end of the work activity, the teacher should verbalize, ‘five minutes left’—‘two minutes left’. For students requiring additional support, […]

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How Choice Boards and “Wait Supports” Can Be Used To Support Students With Autism In Classrooms.

“Choice Boards” are a type of environmental support that really should often be used. A Choice Board is an important form of a visual support for many students with ASD. As much as possible, choices should be incorporated into as many activities as possible as choice Boards provide students with decision-making opportunities. As such, it […]

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Using Activity Completion Signals To Support Students With Autism In Classroom Settings.

Activity Completion Signals are another tool to help students identify when an activity is over.  Many students with autism have a lot of difficulty knowing how long an activity or task will last and even when they will be asked to switch their focus to another task. Activity completion signals such as “Finish Pockets” or […]

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How To Support Students With Autism In Classroom Settings Using Picture Cards, Picture Files, and Picture Books.

The next classroom support we’ll discuss are Behaviorally-Based Communication Tools. These types of support strategies are teacher-oriented techniques that are used to enhance communication with students and provide any needed behavioral supports. These types of strategies can help teachers gain and maintain student attention, provide support for on past behavior, make directions were clear and […]

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Using Mini Schedules And Task Organizers To Help Students With ASD In Classroom Settings.

There are many levels of visual schedules that can complement the daily schedule by providing more specific cues about activities, and allow greater individualization because they can be designed to meet specific learning tasks. Mini schedules are used to provide specific information about the task at hand.  For example, if a student needs support on […]

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Using Visual Schedules To Support Students With Autism.

Visual schedules can be used to support students with ASD in classrooms. They are a very common support that we’re sure that many teachers have already used or may be being used in their classrooms currently. Visual schedules can be an extremely important element to provide students with an overview of the day’s activities and […]

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Using Boundary Markers To Support Students With Autism in Classroom Settings.

Boundary settings are a type of environmental support for students with ASD. Basic boundary markers to accept and establish physical space for specific activities such as break time areas, and reading areas help students differentiate setting expectations, especially when one area is used for different activities (this is very common in classrooms around the world). […]

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