Autism Treatment in Van Nuys: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the most impactful types of autism treatment, one thing that all relevant literature and research point to is the fact that early intensive, comprehensive intervention is crucial. More milestones reached, more goals are achieved and more progress is made when ABA therapy for example begins at an earlier age versus later. At the LeafWing Center, we engage with the entire family as early as we can, because this is not just about a one and done approach. This is about a more holistic therapy approach that involves all aspects of the child’s life. Conveniently located near Van Nuys, we offer both parents and their child the tools necessary to take that next step and to address the challenges that otherwise might overshadow the life of a person with autism.

A person’s life exists beyond just the parameters of the home. They are engaged in school, work, in play, in social interaction with others. This is why autism treatment needs to encompass a comprehensive understanding of what that child’s life looks like on any given day. We focus on each and every one of our clients. Meaning, your child will undergo a thorough assessment, after which, we devise an individualized autism treatment plan. At each step of this journey we are constantly assessing, monitoring and adjusting accordingly. Not to mention, we want to open the world of Van Nuys up for your family and so we introduce you to the community resources that can help your loved one’s progress immensely. This isn’t something you need to carry on just your shoulders alone—we can help!

ABA Therapy and Your Child

Autism can mean a variety of things to different people, different families coping with what such a diagnosis means to them. Despite where your child may be on the autism spectrum, there is hope for a dynamic, bright and fulfilling future. But you have to start now. Getting that diagnosis is the first step. From there it’s about finding the right people and the right team to build a relationship with, professionals who can then help guide your family through the various hurdles and challenges you may face. There unfortunately is no one cut and dry answer, but there is a process, there is an individualized autism treatment approach that helps ensure your loved one is better prepared to cope with whatever comes his/her way. And again, taking advantages of resources and tools available right here in Van Nuys is going to be a key part of helping your loved one become more comfortable within a wide array of social settings.

LeafWing Center and Van Nuys Based Autism Treatment

How can you most effectively help your loved one flourish, learn, expand their horizons, and become more comfortable with themselves and their surroundings…A few tips for families of those who do have autism:

  • Structure is often helpful. And to this end, so is consistency with all of their routines.
  • At the same time, free time, time for more creative expression and play is also important in your loved one’s development.
  • You have to empower your loved one to start making choices from an early age.
  • Communication is vital, with teachers, employers, with therapists, everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of your child’s autism treatment.

We are here for you, and we are certainly here to help your loved one adapt to their circumstances and consequently grow from them!