Autism Treatment in Orange: What You Need to Know

When your loved one is diagnosed with autism, your response might be one of fear, confusion, uncertainty. That is perfectly natural. It can be a dauting experience and one you’re not sure of in terms of how it might unfold in the years to come. This is why working with Orange based autism treatment specialists is critical to helping not only your child cope, but your family as well. One of the most important things when it comes to any form of autism treatment protocol is comprehensive, intensive early intervention. The earlier your loved one begins ABA therapy, the faster they meet those milestones and achieve the desired outcomes. We are in this together. Our role is to guide families as they undertake this journey.

Beyond working with your child’s teachers, doctors and therapists, families need to understand that the community of Orange itself is a vital part of helping your child flourish. There are places, people and resources that give your child the chance to interact with his/her environment in more meaningful ways. We help you pinpoint those needed community resources. You are not alone. It really is a team effort when it comes to helping individuals diagnosed with autism learn how to more effectively navigate the world before them.

There is Help for Autism in Orange

LeafWing Center has been working with families and children for over two decades. What we know and what we have seen get proven results is a more holistic ABA therapy approach to autism treatment. From the school environment, work, to home interactions, to communicating socially, we address every aspect of your loved one’s life. There is no one size fits all approach in terms of autism treatment. No two kids are alike. Every single treatment plan is designed with your child’s needs in mind. And what’s more, we understand that each family copes with this diagnosis in their own way. We are here to support the families as well. You don’t have to carry the weight of this alone. We are here to help!

ABA Therapy Specialists: LeafWing Center

So what are the first steps? If your loved one does fall on the autism spectrum what then? Many families deal with these questions. They are unsure of where to start or what autism treatment plan to implement. These are not questions you have to answer on your own, nor do you have to answer them all at once. Talking to skilled and highly trained ABA therapy specialists is a first step. We would love to consult with you and get a better understanding of your individual circumstances. There will be challenges ahead, but the key is knowing how to navigate them and having a team of compassionate professionals to help you do so. Our conveniently located Orange office provides you access to the best autism resources out there. We want to see your child thrive, grow and be able to face that which life presents them confidently and successfully.